Monday, 6 October 2008

Congress: Biggest Gang of Thieves in History!

As I predicted earlier, Congress dutifully passed the 700 Billion Dollar Bailout, the biggest robbery in the history of the world. Hopefully, the American people will now finally understand that we no longer have representative government in this country. Every Congressman reported overwhelming opposition to bailout from their constituents. Almost all of them said that more than 95 percent opposed it. But the bailout still happened because it is the Jewish extremist elite that controls America, not the people of the United States. It comprises the most powerful lobby (AIPAC), provides most of the campaign financing of both parties (according to the Washington Post), dominates the Wall Street International corporations and Federal Reserve as illustrated by Goldman Sachs, and Ben Bernanke of the FED, and it thoroughly dominates and influences the mass media to support the Jewish agenda no matter where it leads. It has led us to the Iraq War and support of years of Israeli crimes against every true interest of the United States. It has even led to the coverup of Israeli terrorism against the United States. And now it has led to a gigantic double theft, the hundreds of billions they originally stole from the economy in this mortgage scam and now the additional hundreds of billions more they have stolen with the bailout. — God Save America! —

Former member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, Dr. David Duke

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