Friday, 26 August 2011


Setiap hari Jum'at terakhir bulan Ramadhan, sebagian umat Muslim memperingati Hari Al Quds, yaitu hari "pembebasan Masjidil Aqsa". Hari Al Quds ini pertama kali diserukan oleh pemimpin spiritual dan negara Iran, Imam Khomeini, 30 tahun yang lalu.

Meski di Indonesia, peringatan ini relatif tidak banyak diketahui, di berbagai negara Islam dan negara non-Islam, hari ini diperingati secara besarb-besaran. Sebagai penghormatan atas hari ini berikut ini saya copaskan artikel di situs hari ini:

On Al-Quds Day, Marches in Middle East for Liberating All Palestine

Massive rallies for commemorating International Al-Quds Day have taken place Friday in various countries including Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, as well as Gaza and the West Bank in occupied Palestine.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, massive marches took place in various provinces, where people raised slogans like “Death to America”, “Death to Israel”, as well as pictures for Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Ruhollah Khomeini, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, and Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistances’ flags.

They chanted in support of Al-Quds and against all the Judaization conspiracies that the Zionist entity is executing against the sacred city.

For his part Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad delivered a speech before a crowd of commemorators in Tehran, in which he assured that Al-Quds Day is a day that revives human dignity and indicating that the Zionist entity is the axis of the unity of thieves in the world.

“The Zionist entity’s role is to spread incitements in the region and blocking any kind of development,” Ahmedinejad added.

Regarding the regional situation, the Iranian President emphasized that the right of self-determination, freedom, and spreading justice could not be attained with the assistance of the NATO forces or the American military tanks. He further reassured that the West or the Zionist Entity will fail to have any Power in the new Middle East.

In Iraq, thousands of Iraqis, regardless their sects or affiliations, rallied in commemoration of Al-Quds Day. The Marchers called for the liberation of Al-Quds, and assured that it is the central cause for the region. Iraq furthered witnessed various conferences about Al-Quds and the importance of unity in order to defeat the Zionist entity and regain the Islamic Sanctity.

In parallel, millions of Egyptians demonstrated Friday near the Israeli embassy in response to Egyptian political and youth parties’ invitations for marches of millions, calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from their country.

The protestors raised Palestinian flags, pictures of late Egyptian President Jamal Abdul Nasser, and slogans against the occupying entity, including “We take part in Al-Quds Day to liberate Palestine”. They further called for ending the diplomatic relations between Egypt and the Zionist entity, and reconsidering the application of Camp-David accord.

In addition, Media reports have pointed out that demonstrators will return to the streets after the Iftar dinner and prayers, and will continue to protest until an official decision is issued regarding their demands.

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